Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finally back!!

Ok so to sum of the past year and a half. We have had a amazing daughter that was born on the 1st of may 2011 and her name is Marabelle, we call her mara for short. Star finished Pharmacy school is working 2 days a week at Art City Pharmacy here in springville, Alex is growing like a weed and is such a cute kid. I am done with all of my boards and getting my application ready to apply to P.A. programs for next year. I took a trip to Samoa for 2 1/2 weeks to look for Rheumatic Fever in kids between the age of 6-16, and while I was out there, we found out that Star is pregnant, so Star is currently 11 weeks prego and not feeling so hot.
We will try to keep you all up to date more often now, since we finally figured out our information once again (to many accounts!!!). We love you all and hope that you all are well.

The Andersons

Saturday, March 12, 2011

He Passed!!

We are so excited! Mike passed the first of his 2 boards today! We are so proud of all his hard work and love him so much for being such a great husband and father.

Monday, February 21, 2011

some pics from christmas to present

We stole one of my sisters christmas traditions "christmas toes" and painted all our toe nails red for christmas. :)

Alex and his best friend Papa Dave playing with one of his new toys.

Christmas morning, crazy hair and all.

Alex christmas morning.

Chilling in his new chair with the remote. Man he loves his movies.

Falling asleep while eating lunch...sooo cute.

Saying goodbye to my old car :(. Sold in just 12 hours. Happy for the new car!

Dad and Alex taking a nap.

There is a little update. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

two quick videos

This is a little old but makes us laugh everytime. :)

Ok so we sing a lot in this but its because we were trying to get him acting out itsy bitsy spider on film which hasnt happened quite yet (it is SO cute). We do this video camera as a video of their lives so at the end we are kind of talking to them. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wishing for spring

Time is going by so fast right now for us. I can not believe it has been just about a month since our last post. I finished up my rotation at Art City Pharmacy last Friday and was sad it was over. I will hopefully start working on Saturdays for them soon and then cross my fingers I will hopefully have a job there when I am done with school, at least that is the plan. I found out that instead of 400 working intern hours needed for the state for licensure, I need 600. That was the worst news of my month, it means that I need to pick up as many shifts as possible outside of my rotations and work a ton once I am done with my rotations and not long after I have little Mara. We both know that one day this will all be over but yeah it feels a little overwhelming at the moment.
Mike signed up for his boards and has 27 days left which he is worried about but he studies a lot and hopefully will be just fine. He also had bad news this month when he found out that he has 2 boards to pass instead of 1. He will first take the adult echo boards and then hit the books again to take his physics boards. Yuck. But he loves his job and the people there really see the hard worker that he is and appreciate the wonderful work that he does which I am thrilled about.
Alex is so much fun and a wonderful source of joy and energy in our lives. It feels like not a day passes that he does not make you just burst out laughing at something he is doing or getting into. I wish more than anything I could be with him more right now but it is not long off that I will get my wish (around 6 months). The best part about not being with him is that he gets to spend lots of time with his best friend (Papa Dave) and his super loving grandma Anderson. He will still cry a little when I drop him off but it is so cute to hear Papa Dave call him from the bedroom and have Alex go searching for his buddy. Me and Mike feel so blessed to have them so close and appreciate more than we can express their help in this last little push to finish school. As far as what he is like now: he is turning into a slightly picky eater with favorites including ravioli, spaghetti and vegetables. We cut the bottle before bedtime but still make him strawberry or chocolate milk in his bottle around twice a day just to make sure he gets his dairy and a bit more calories for the day, I think this is his favorite thing he gets all day. He walks like a champ and even dabbles at running but its this funny little wobbly run that makes you worry a bit. He loves to draw and play with our pens which he absolutely loves to click on and off. He is finally getting into reading time and will go pick out books that he wants you to read (his favorite is "Heads" and a firetruck book and g'ma and papa andersons). He is turning into a such a climber and has no fear which can be a little worrisome and has led to a few bonks and bruises but its cute to see him take on so much. Today he was able to reach the top of the book shelf by climbing up the foot stool to the rocking chair and then transition over to the rocking chair, stand on the rocking chair and reach the top the shelf. He also loves to talk on the phone or anything that slightly resembles the phone. He wants to go outside constantly and me and Mike can not wait for spring when we can start walking and playing outside with him. He also had his first ride on a motorcycle with Papa Dave which didn't sit so well with me and hopefully will not happen again till he is a little older but he loved it! It feels like he gets sick a lot and I hate that so much but I am hoping once the weather changes it will get better and he will get colds a little less. It is so hard being a kid and not being able to take more for your symptoms. Oh and his hair is finally starting to come in, so light and soft but it is so cute. He loves movies, disney and pixar mainly but loves them. He is like a little zombie when he watches them so I try to make sure it is only when needed, like in the morning as I get ready for work or when Mike has him for the day and has to get in some study time. His favorites right now are despicable me and everyone's hero, if you turn off the TV he will walk over and turn it back on and if you turn off the dvd player he gets all sad. He is extremely independent and wants to do things himself and is a true boy who loves to push cars around (with the cutest little car sound that he makes) and wrestle with dad. Oh and the sleep training worked!! After some books and lullaby's we just say goodnight and he lays down and goes to sleep without a sound, AMAZING, we are so proud of him! Man its crazy how much you can love and how I wish time sometimes would slow down just a bit so I don't miss this precious moment with him.
As far as the pregnancy goes, I feel like a whale and it makes me sad to know that I still have 2 1/2 more months to grow. I have gained 13 pounds so far and Mara is kicking like crazy. I think I would prefer a 7 month term pregnancy if I had a choice. The things I have noticed the most besides the great belly and the little belly button starting to poke out is my feet get so sore from standing all day at the pharmacy. I am so hoping these next to rotations are sitting ones. Oh we talked to the Dr and he is going to induce on May 6th. We were both so happy about this, it means a couple more days with Mara before I head back to school and Mike will use less PTO when she is born. I will finish my last rotation on May 5th which is a little crazy but happy that it will all work out.....that is if she does not decide to come early (super crossed fingers!). If I miss more than 2 days of a rotation I fail it and would have to make the whole 6 weeks up, so yeah an early delivery date would be very very bad. But yeah sleeping is hard and I feel like I flip all night long and I of course am tired more than usual and am usually ready for bed around 9pm. :) But as hard as the pregnancy is I am straight terrified for a new little baby wrecking your sleep schedule and little Alex needing a functional mom, a little worried about how that will all work out. We had another ultrasound that verified the right food was club and if the left foot is it is very mild. We meet with the specialist next month to go through the process. I do wish she did not have this, but I am really at peace with it and feel ready to take what comes and love our little girl and her little casts.
Well sorry that was so long! Off to study for my rotation tomorrow. We have some pics and videos that I will try to post soon.
Love you,
Starli, Mike, Alex and Mara